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About LRM

LRM is a privately owned and operated Australian group of companies whose expertise are drawn from rural operations, fire & rescue, aviation, mining, petrochemical, oil and gas, construction and civil industries, focused on the provision of Best Practice based services including:

LRM Fire & Rescue provide solution focused response services including:

  • Bushfire Fuel Hazard Mitigation including planning, training, mitigation and maintenance, fuel modification and post mitigation consolidation and reporting

  • Response services including stand by crews for high-risk activities, augmentation of existing bushfire response capability and/or provision of a complete response capability

  • Standby Rescue Teams for working at heights, within confined spaces or rigging for rescue

  • Fire Suppression (hot works or high fire danger periods)

  • Structural (infrastructure/vessel) Inspection and Testing (visual and non-destructive)

  • GIS (Geographic Information System) internal capability designed to store, retrieve, manage, display and analyze all types of geographic and special data relative to fire management and/or modeling

Bushfire Mitigation

Bushfire and your organisation

For those who own, manage or work on assets located in the Australian bush, bushfire mitigation and response strategies are not “nice to haves”, they are essentials. Bushfire has the potential to have significant impact extending far beyond the boundaries of the assets you manage. The costs of such impact can be extensive and may include damage to infrastructure, public confidence and your professional reputation. Effective planning for bushfire before it occurs puts your organisation in a strong position and will significantly contribute to your resilience.


One size does not fit all

LRM Fire & Rescue know that what works for one area won’t necessarily work for another. That’s why we won’t overlay a generic plan on your site. We will investigate your site, talk to your stakeholders and then tailor an effective, workable bushfire mitigation solution. LRM Fire & Rescue provide comprehensive solutions in the following areas:


LRM Fire & Rescue offer comprehensive planning solutions including:

  • Identifying legislative requirements

  • Reviewing existing bushfire plans

  • Integrating existing safety and asset maintenance systems into your bushfire plan

  • Stakeholder identification and consultation

  • Environmental survey and planning

  • Identifying heritage and cultural sites

  • Burn frequency relating to vegetation species

  • Burn Plan development

  • GIS Mapping and Predictive services

  • Response capability

  • Hazard reduction in carbon sequestration sites



If as part of your plan you intend to involve your workers in first response firefighting, LRM Fire & Rescue can provide initial and core skills maintenance training relative to bushfire in order to ensure that they are able to respond safely and with confidence. LRM Fire & Rescue have experienced, qualified trainers, all senior firefighters themselves, who are able to comprehensively train and guide workers through the bushfire suppression process using your equipment and best practice principles and methodologies. Real training contextualised to site and organisations provides the best possible outcomes and resilience.



The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission made the following observation; “bushfires obtain their energy from fuel…. The only element that can be controlled by humans is the management of the fuel.” LRM Fire & Rescue can provide safe, effective bushfire mitigation strategies including:

  • Hazard reduction burns

  • Conservation and ecological burns

  • Fire track and trail construction and maintenance

  • Fuel modification including slashing, stick raking etc.

  • Post mitigation reporting



The time following mitigation work provides many opportunities for stakeholders that are often overlooked including:

  • Clear access for maintenance work

  • Access for feral pest eradication

  • Access for invasive weed species eradication

  • Environmental monitoring

LRM Fire & Rescue’s comprehensive post mitigation reporting will assist you to identify how the consolidation phase may be used to your advantage.



When a bushfire does start, a fast and effective response is critical and can mean the difference between a good outcome and the loss of assets or worse still the loss of life, disruption of your organisation and years tied up in the legal system. LRM Fire & Rescue can provide a response capability in line with the risk faced by your organisation using well trained and highly experienced bushfire firefighters utilising modern firefighting equipment, procedures and best practice principles and methodologies.


LRM Fire & Rescue’s response services include:

  • Stand-by crews for High Risk activities such as hot work and plant working in close proximity to bushland

  • “Shadowing” of maintenance crews carrying out essential maintenance during heightened bushfire danger periods

  • Remote area firefighting with or without aerial insertion and support

  • Augmenting your existing bushfire response capability

  • Hazardous tree removal

  • Providing your organisation’s bushfire response capability for the bushfire season


LRM Fire & Rescue offer flexible solutions for bushfire response so there is no need to ever go without cover.

LRM Group

Adult Students

LRM Consulting

Recognised as industry leaders, LRM Consulting Services offer a unique and independent third party perspective to the provision of factual information and resources required to ensure compliance with current legislation and industry best practice relative to work safely at heights, industrial rope access, confined space entry, emergency response, fire and rescue and crisis management.


LRM Training

LRM Training is a Registered Training Organisation (#32552) specialising in the delivery of nationally accredited, real and practical emergency response, fire and rescue training. Tailored to our client's need, LRM provide a flexible and evolving solution to internal training and skills maintenance. Committed to innovation and excellence, LRM's training is respected, trusted and highly regarded in industry.