CuDeco Ltd

CuDECO Ltd is an ASX listed mining company that specialises in mineral exploration and is transitioning to a major producer of mineral concentrates. In May 2017, LRM Training was engaged by CuDECO Ltd to develop and deliver a contextualised training program for their Emergency Response Personnel that would result in them obtaining their Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response & Rescue Qualification.

The program was conducted over 2 

- Design and development of the following suite of Origin Energy’s internal training packages in consultation

  with all stakeholders:

  • First Responder Fire

  • First Responder HAZMAT

  • Responder Fire

  • Responder HAZMAT

  • On scene commander Incident

  • On scene commander Fire

  • On scene commander HAZMAT

  • Site emergency response team leader (SERT-L)

- Training delivery and assessment of courses to Origin Energy personnel on sites including Reedy Creek,                 Condabri, Spring Gully, Talinga and Yellowbank:


  • Work safely at heights

  • Enter and work in confined spaces

  • Enter confined spaces

  • Operate breathing apparatus

  • Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

  • Issue work permit

  • Confine small workplace emergencies

  • Perform rescue from a live LV panel

  • Provide First Aid

  • Provide CPR

  • Gas test atmospheres

  • Spills responder

  • ERT (Emergency Response Team) Programs – including the following courses:

    • First Responder Fire

    • First Responder HAZMAT

    • Breathing apparatus (RIIWHS204D)

    • Responder Fire – utilising LRM’s portable, state of the art Compartmental Fire Behaviour Training Cell (CFBT)

    • Responder HAZMAT

    • On scene commander (OSC Incident, OSC Fire & OSC HAZMAT)

  • On scene commander incident

  • Site emergency response team leader (SERT-L)

  • Chainsaw operations

  • Wildfire team member (FM1)

  • Wildfire team leader (FM2)

- Design, development and delivery of EPS Scene Controller programs for Origin Energy’s Eraring Power Station.

- Ongoing moderation of all associated Origin Energy internal training packages at no additional cost to Origin     Energy.

- Re-development of Origin Energy’s OSC Incident package specifically for Origin Energy’s Well Site                        Representatives for Drilling and Completions personnel.